Natural Fertility Clinic Melbourne

A Melbourne Fertility Clinic Run By One Of Australia’s Leading Fertility Naturopaths

Fertility Naturopath, Joanne Lipinski, is a natural fertility expert, who, for the past 20 years has been working in all areas of Naturopathic Fertility and Infertility from her Melbourne Fertility Clinic.

If you have you been trying to get pregnant or are wanting to increase your fertility naturally and boost your chances of a healthy conception, there’s no need to struggle alone. BabyCreate's Melbourne based Natural Fertility Clinic has been designed especially for you!

Joanne is a highly experienced, qualified and registered fertility/pregnancy Naturopath and Pharmacist. With these qualifications and experience Joanne is able to integrate her knowledge in both conventional and complementary medicine and take care of your individual wellbeing and that of each and every one of her patients at the BabyCreate clinic - a leading Natural Fertility Clinic in Melbourne.

If you would like to become as healthy as possible and prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy and birth, or if you or your partner are experiencing fertility or hormonal related issues that interfere with your chances of getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term, it would be wise to make an appointment with Joanne.

Joanne has the knowledge and experience to cater for all your fertility and pregnancy needs. She will tailor a unique naturopathic preconception and pregnancy programme specifically for you.

She will guide, advise and support you with the necessary adjustments you may need to make for the best possible outcome.

Services at BabyCreate’s Melbourne Natural Fertility Clinic

After contacting Joanne and making an appointment you and your partner will receive a comprehensive, in-depth questionnaire.

You will be required to send this as well as any pathology results to Joanne.

Prior to your appointment, and in her own time, Joanne will scrutinise and analyse everything in great detail, and she will familiarise herself with all the information you provide.

Most couples really appreciate the fact that from the minute they walk into the consultation room, Joanne ‘knows’ them and has familiarised herself with their individual situation.

During the consultation you will be given the opportunity to tell your story and be heard.

Joanne will then advise and discuss the plan of action that’s appropriate for your and your partner’s specific needs.

She will make sure you understand everything.

By the end of the consultation, you will feel as if you have been educated, supported and provided with the tools you’ll need to work towards improving your own personal health and wellbeing.

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