Labour, Birth and New Mum Support

Just as each woman's pregnancy is unique, so too are her labour and post natal experiences.

Having gone through all the various trimesters of pregnancy, no matter how complicated or straightforward the experience might have been, the process of giving birth is a phenomenon quite distinct from anything else. It has been described as an empowering and ‘transformative life event’.

Joanne at BabyCreate is very aware of the physical and emotional challenges many women face during labour as well as in the postnatal period. She has a comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience in assisting women prepare for, and get through this phase, as smoothly as possible.

Just as each woman’s pregnancy is unique, so too are her labour and postnatal experiences.

Joanne is understanding and compassionate. She uses a natural holistic approach to support her patients. This might include evidence-based nutrients and traditionally used herbs and supplements, as well as guidance on diet modification and lifestyle advice.

No matter what your experiences or challenges may be, Joanne will tailor a unique treatment programme specifically for you.

Some examples where Joanne has experience in helping her patients include:

  • Labour and delivery preparation
  • Afterbirth pains, cramping, postpartum bleeding
  • Prolapse
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Episiotomy and perineal healing
    • Postnatal depression, anxiety, exhaustion
    • Postnatal hormonal imbalance
    • Breast feeding difficulties – engorgement, mastitis
    • Lactation issues – low breast milk supply
    • Nipple issues –pain, cracks, fissures, thrush