IVF and ART Support

Prior holistic support improves wellbeing and optimises egg and sperm quality.

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART and IVF) refers to all fertility treatments in which eggs and embryos are handled outside the woman’s body.

In most cases, fertility medication is used for approximately three to six months, before conceiving, in order to regulate reproductive hormones and trigger the release of one or more eggs in each ovulation cycle.

Joanne at BabyCreate is experienced in supporting her patients who are going through these treatments and procedures.

Whether you are seeking Joanne’s assistance in the hope of increasing your chances of conception prior to medical fertility treatments, or you have already commenced your IVF journey, Joanne will use a holistic naturopathic approach to tailor a unique programme specifically for you (and your partner if necessary).

Joanne will incorporate the knowledge she has with evidence-based nutrients and supplements that might be recommended to support you during this often very complex and stressful journey. She will communicate and work respectfully with your IVF specialist to ensure all requirements are safely adhered to.

Joanne is understanding and compassionate. She will guide, advise and educate you on the adjustments you may need to make to manage your stress and modify your diet and lifestyle.

This will improve your health and wellbeing as well as optimise your egg quality and maximise your chances of conception, a viable pregnancy and a healthy baby.

It is of the utmost importance that consideration also be given to the wellbeing of the male partner prior to IVF and fertility treatment. Diet, lifestyle and environmental factors also play an enormous role in the development of healthy, viable sperm. Due regard should always be given to the influence this period of time has on the health of the embryo, foetus, baby and child.