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Baby’s Immune System – 6 Steps you can take to give your baby the best chance in life!
20 Sep 2017
Pregnancy Diet Plan
Pregnancy Diet Plan
29 Jan 2018
4 Steps to Fertility Part 1

Joanne Lipinski's 4 Steps to Fertility programme has been designed over many years in clinical practice as a fertility naturopath.

Sharing my fertility knowledge and programme with you

Whether you are preparing for a healthy baby or struggling with your fertility I would like to freely share BabyCreate’s 4 Steps to Fertility programme with you.

I designed this programme over many years in clinical practice and would like everyone to be able to access the information I have put together.

It is my goal to reach out and pass on this knowledge and help you feel empowered so that you can be in control of your decisions and proactive in your commitment to you and your family’s health and wellbeing.

According to Aviva Romm : “Your body has the ability to heal beyond what you’ve ever been led to believe, and you have much more control over your health than you have ever been taught. You have to give your body the ingredients it needs to mobilise its self-healing responses – daily!”

BabyCreate’s 4 Steps to Fertility programme will help you and your partner make educated decisions to optimise your health and fertility as you prepare for a healthy pregnancy, labour and baby.

BabyCreate’s 4 Steps to Fertility (in a nutshell)

Step 1. Optimal Eating Strategy

Step 2. Minimise Exposure to Toxins

Step 3. Effective Stress Management and Optimal Exercise

Step 4. Optimised Supplementation

In order to improve your health, wellbeing and fertility status, every one of the 4 steps needs to be adhered to every ‘step’ of the way!

Your health should be your top priority

Your health should be your topmost priority if you’re wanting to prepare for a healthy conception and pregnancy.

If you take control of your health, you’re also ensuring the health of your baby.

Just as sportspeople need to prepare their bodies to perform at their peak, and reach their ‘personal best’ for an important sporting event, so too is it essential for you and your partner to do your ‘personal best ‘ to prepare for and optimise your wellbeing for the best possible chances of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby.

I look forward to sharing with you the first step of the programme ‘Optimal Eating Strategy’.

Get your free copy of BabyCreate’s 4 Steps to Fertility here.

Joanne Lipinski – Fertility Naturopath Melbourne

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