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1How much experience does Joanne have working with fertility related issues?
Joanne has been working with couples to help them overcome their fertility challenges for the last 20 years. Her speciality is in identifying reproductive challenges, tailoring an individual plan to address these issues and then working with the couple through to the birth of their baby. She attributes her successes to the diligence and discipline of each and every patient who took her advice and worked alongside her to achieve a successful outcome.
2Are both partners required to attend together?
Yes, both partners are encouraged to attend at least the first two fertility related appointments. Whether your partner has a fertility related issue or not, it is important for both of you to be assessed. It’s really beneficial for you both to be on the same page and to support one another.
3Is it necessary to see Joanne if we want to prepare for a baby but neither of us have fertility related issues?
Absolutely! It’s advisable to prepare yourselves at least 3-4 months before conception so that you, your egg and your partner’s sperm are in good enough health to maximise your chances of a viable pregnancy and a healthy baby.
4If we are thinking about doing IVF/ART is it still worth seeing Joanne before commencement?
Definitely! Besides taking steps to boost your body’s immune system and improve your ability to cope with the treatments, you will enjoy enhanced health and wellbeing thereby optimising your chance of a successful outcome.
5How long is each appointment?
The first two appointments for the Preconception, Fertility and IVF support programmes are two hours each.
The third and subsequent appointments are approximately 1 - 1 ½ hours.
Any subsequent appointments last approximately 1hr.
6What’s the parking situation like?
Very easy! There’s plenty of parking available all day with no time restrictions.
1Do I need to fill out a questionnaire during the first consultation?
After booking your first appointment, you will receive an email with an attached intake form as well as a questionnaire that you can complete online. Joanne will then prepare for your appointment by doing her ‘homework’ prior to your consultation, so that she is ready for you when you arrive. She prefers to devote your full consultation time to addressing your issues and tailoring an appropriate treatment strategy for you, rather than posing the basic questions.
2What do I need to bring to the first appointment?
After booking your first appointment, you will receive an email with instructions on what you need to bring.
3Do you look at past pathology results?
Yes. After booking your first appointment you will receive instructions to scan and email any pathology results you have that pertain to your condition. Joanne will assess these ahead of the consultation.
4What if I’m late for my appointment and how much cancellation notice is required?
If you are late, your consultation will still finish at the prearranged time. This is out of consideration for the next patient who arrives on time. Appointments that are cancelled, missed or changed without 48 hrs' notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee. (Please bear in mind those patients who may be on the waiting list or who may have had to wait a long time for an appointment with Joanne.)
5What are the fees?
Please refer to the ‘Consultation Fees’ page.
6How do I pay for my appointment?
Credit card or Bank transfer payments are to be made on the day of the consultation.
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