Preconception, Fertility and IVF Support consultation fees

Preconception/Fertility/IVF Support Programmes

Joanne encourages and welcomes both partners to attend these consultations as both are equally important to the process. Please note: The consultation fee is the same, whether one or both partners attend.
The booking procedure and costs involved are as follows:

Initial Consultation1½ hrs.$170
Second Consultation (4-5 weeks later)1-1½ hrs.$100 -$170
Subsequent Consultations (every 4-5 weeks)½ -1hr.$85 - $100
(excluding natural medicines)

All other consultations

(excluding natural medicines)
Short/ Acute Care ½ - ¾ hr.$85
Long / Chronic Care1 – 1½ hrs.$100 - $170

Cancellation Notice Required:
If you are unable to keep an appointment made, please provide 48hrs notice so that the time may be free for other patients.
Missed consultations without adequate notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee.