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11 Aug 2022
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29 May 2023
Kirsty Robbie Podcast

Fertility specialist Joanne Lipinski was invited to appear on Kirsty Robbie’s “What next?” podcast to talk about her professional journey and to share information about natural fertility.

The episode is titled “I want to start a family, what next?”

Watch the podcast on YouTube (44 minutes) here:

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Fertility Areas Covered in the Podcast:

  • Starting a family can be hard
  • Finding time for research
  • When do you know you can’t get pregnant
  • Infertility explained
  • Environmental stress for pregnancy
  • Is your microwave hurting your pregnancy chances
  • 80/20 rule for pregnancy
  • 100 days to a healthy pregnancy
  • Folic acid in the body
  • Good food for getting pregnant
  • Healthy sperm for pregnancy
  • Fish is it good for you?
  • Vitamin D for fertility in pregnancy
  • Why women freeze their eggs
  • How many eggs should you freeze
  • Are women born with all the eggs they will ever have?
  • Gut health, sleep and mitochondrial health
  • Whole foods and their importance
  • Organics and why they are so expensive
  • Maybe baby?
  • Mindset in your pregnancy
  • 4 steps to fertility
  • Is your estrogen really pumping?
  • Weight training during pregnancy
  • Getting back in touch with your body
  • Are your periods normal?

About the What next? podcast

The What next? podcast is about life’s big challenges, changes, relationships, marriage, health, wellness, divorce, menopause and more.

The podcast is hosted by mother, daughter, wife and fitness guru Kirsty Robbie.

The show offers a real take on the perspectives of diverse women and having a laugh along the way.

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